Made $250 🥳

Two weeks ago I embarked on a new challenge to go from $0 to $100k in revenue by building projects (the #indiehacker way). All of this while building in public live in front of my YouTube audience. Every day I was going live and showing the entire process (even this article was written during a live stream).

I started by creating and selling a Notion document with all the information gathered along the way regarding the challenge (recaps, resources, todos, progress, etc.).

This document sold 31 copies for $5 each for a total of $155 in revenue.

My expectation for this first so-called "product" wasn't high anyway, but it's a nice source of extra income.

After 2 failed attempts to build an actual first good project, I've started working on WeeklyDeals.Dev, which is a website where developers can find great deals on dev-related products (ebooks, courses, software, etc.). I'll update the site every week with new deals.

For the launch of the site on Monday (5th July) I created 2 premium slots for paid products and 3 slots for free products. I charged $50 for each premium slot + an affiliate deal, which got the total revenue for the challenge to the first nice milestone of $250. 🥳

The plan for the future is to continue to charge for the premium slots ($100 per slot for the next week) and eventually bring the revenue from this project to ~$1k a month, or maybe even more.

As this project is getting to a good enough state to make some money passively (more or less), I'm looking to work on the next project which should bring in more revenue. This project is still WIP.

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