From $0 to $100k Challenge

The Plan

Over the years I figured out that the way to get myself to do something is through challenges so I decided to create another interesting challenge in order to keep myself busy.

So, for the following months (or years 😅) I'll be going Live on my Youtube channel and build different streams of income and hopefully go from $0 to a total of $100k in revenue from these projects.

I'll be going live every weekday (Monday to Friday), usually from 10AM Romania time (UTC+3).

I'm also going to document the entire journey and the projects which I'm building on this blog with short recap posts and also in recap videos on my YouTube channel.

The Projects

When it comes to the projects which I'm going to build... I'm aiming to create small to medium sized projects which have the potential to scale easily without a lot of time commitment.

You can find the projects that I created or I'm working on here.


Which tech stack will you be using?

I'm going to try to use the stack which I'm most comfortable with (JavaScript with React, Next.JS, TailwindCSS) but at the same time if something better and faster comes along, I won't have a problem with switching.

How long will it take to complete the challenge?

I don't know. It can take a month (most likely not), or it can take years. I'm aiming for 1 year though. But we'll see... 🤞

Will the Live Streams be available after?

Yes, it will be available in a playlist on YouTube.

What time will you go Live?

The Live Streams will be every weekday (Monday through Friday) at around 10AM Romania time (UTC+3). Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified when I'm going Live.

Where can I watch the recap videos?

You can watch them on my YouTube channel.

How can I contribute?

You are free to join the Live Streams and suggest new ideas which we can try.

Do you have a Discord Server?

Yes. You can join here.

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