Income Report - August 2021

I've been planning to do these monthly income reports for so long! But now it's finally happening! šŸ”„

Hugely inspired by what

and others are doing by sharing their monthly reports. It's a nice way to keep track of what's happening every month and how you're evolving (hopefully).

Side note: Speaking of Monica Lent - I'm so inspired by what she's doing and how she's handling multiple projects and the quality of her work! Amazing work! šŸ¤©

P.S. Monica if you're reading this: Thank you! šŸ™ Keep up the good work! šŸš€

Income Report

TL;DR: In the month of August 2021 the total revenue from 7 different sources was: $20,704.74

Excluding investments, for which I haven't calculated the ROI yes as I still have to learn how to do that. šŸ˜†

That aside, let's break the revenue down by project.

Breakdown by Project

Udemy Course - 50 Projects in 50 Days

I haven't done much to promote the course this month, but Brad did a video on his channel which impacted the number of sales (as expected), bringing in more of them than usual.

Revenue: $5,148.16

eBook - "Ten++ Ways to Make Money as a Developer"

I'm probably not doing the best job at marketing this eBook so most sales are happening because people are finding it in the descriptions of my YouTube videos, on my Twitter profile or on my website.

However, I did two giveaways this month on Twitter and added the eBook on WeeklyDeals for a whole week which bumped the sales.

Revenue: $893

My YouTube channel

Since mid-June I started to be consistent on YouTube and the overall views on the channel went up so the ads revenue went up as well.

For some reason the algorithm decided to pick up again my 10 hour video, twice this month, which was responsible for 281k views (out of 471k total). This video alone made $625,14 this month - which is both amazing and terrifying!

It's amazing because this is purely passive income. I recorded this stream 1 year ago and since then it continues to make money every single day! šŸš€

At the same time is terrifying because it mostly relies on whether the algorithm decides to show it to more people or not. And as you can see below, the amount from this video alone is responsible for more than half of my ad revenue. So in case it flops... my revenue goes down with it. šŸ˜…

Nevertheless, I'm still happy with the progress I made on YouTube this month, considering that I'm focusing on what I can control and that's the amount of content I can make.

I had 24 streams! šŸ„³

Continued my From $0 to $100k live journey (almost) every weekday and also had some awesome guests on the channel.

Revenue from ads and donations during streams: $1,143.58

Also, this month I did something which I probably should have done for a long time and that's: sponsorships. It paid off well!

The idea behind accepting sponsors is the fact that it's a win-win-win situation for all the parties involved:

  • My audience gets to learn about a tool while watching me try it out live. (Win #1)
  • The sponsors get to showcase their tool in front of thousands of people - aka promotion to a niched audience. (Win #2)
  • I get to learn and experiment new things while also making some money. (Win #3)

This worked out well this month so I'm looking to give it a try again next month. Preferably I'll looking for a long term collaboration as I don't like chasing sponsors.

Revenue from sponsors: $11,500

Weekly Deals

This project is part of my #0to100k challenge which I'm working on during my live streams.

It's a website where people can find dev-related products (eBooks, courses, software) on a nice discount.

I make money on this project by charging for the featured slots. The slots contain paid products.

I've charged $125 per slot per week and this month I sold 7 (out of 8) slots and made $875. Decided to keep one of the slots for my eBook to see how it goes for a creator and I basically made my money back so, the project has potential. šŸ˜Š

I also got a sponsor interested in having a multi-week deal. So I created a sponsor slot on the website and in the email newsletter and charged $1,000 for this deal.

Revenue: $1,875

$0 to $100k Challenge Notes

This is also part of my #0to100k challenge. It's a Notion document where I write down pretty much everything that's going on during the challenge. Ideas. ToDos. Recaps. Lessons. Tutorials. Resources. Plans.

It was the first official product which I created during the challenge. It gets a couple of sales every now and then from people checking out the live streams.

Revenue: $145

Plans for September

  • Short vacation - I'm starting the month with a vacation we planned for several weeks. Trying to enjoy the last hot days of this year at a nice aqua park.
  • $0 to $100k - Once I'm back I'll continue my weekday streams (Monday to Friday) on my YouTube channel. The goal for this month is to learn all the tools I need to create an MPV fast. I still have to figure out my way around adding a payment gateway on a website to be able to charge.
  • Writing/Blogging - I plan to continue to develop my writing skills by adding new articles to this blog. I also want to create a new section for TidBits - short articles packed with informations about the things I'm learning. And last but not least I want to make this blog look a bit better (Maybe I should hire a designer šŸ¤”).

That's all for this post. Let me know how you like these kind of posts.


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